Welcome to ISCM 2014


“We need to bring art and science back together… both sides seem to denigrate the other… you’re either a ‘luvvy’ or a ‘boffin’.”

Eric Schmidt’s quote at the MacTaggart lecture, in 2011



Week Ten: Curation, Professional Identity and Final Year Projects


“When it comes to standing out online, your best bet is to offer your own original content. Blog posts or tweets that revolve around your unique ideas will make you a standout candidate.

But the truth is, not everyone has the time, writing ability or even confidence to grow a quality blog or social media account, and plenty of people who don’t have a blog still want to move up the career ladder, into more challenging and better-paying positions.

What if there was a way to show the world just how smart you are, without creating your own content?

Well, there is, and it’s a tactic you should seriously consider: sharing other people’s content.” READ MORE

Flipboard – Social News Magazine (example magazine here)
Diigo – Social Bookmarking

SEE ALSO – Curated content: 6 examples of curated blogs and 11 examples of content curation in action


Week Eight: Dom Rodwell – Rapid Innovation

Dom Rodwell @domrodwell
Cracking session on Agile Invention from @domrodwell #ISCM
Rapid Innovation
Digital Prototyping
Agile Invention
Cycle: MAKE – TEST – LEARN (Rapid, Iterative)
Using Powerpoint/Keynote to prototype interfaces
Using Lego for prototyping 3D environments
Better to have little failures to learn from than one big risk

Sam Easterby-Smith @samscam
Here's @samscam talking to our students - great to hear about his career and combo of formal/informal learning #ISCM
Life as a freelancer
Dealing with different personalities and approaches
Freelancing? GO FOR DAY RATES